How do we get the right amount of feed to the right breeder at the right time?

Broiler breeder management is challenging. If too much feed is available, birds can become overweight. If feed is limited, competition at the feeder results in aggressive birds eating more, which reduces flock uniformity. What technologies are available to help manage feeding breeders? Is it possible to have the ideal amount of feed available to the […]

How do gut health and disease influence feeding & efficiency in broiler breeders?

Gut health is a complex balance involving the birds microbiota, immunology and physiology and affected by many factors including the birds’ environment, feed, and feeding program. Compromised gut health affects digestion and nutrient absorption which contribute to reduced feed efficiency and increased disease susceptibility. What role do microbiota, fungi, protozoa and viruses play in the […]

How do we feed breeders for optimum productivity and welfare?

Improving animal welfare is an industry priority. Broiler breeders are feed restricted to control body weight and improve productivity. Have the feeding requirements of today’s broiler breeders changed? Could the feeding program be managed differently to affect welfare? How do we effectively measure and improve hunger and bird welfare? Do the benefits of feeding more […]

How do global feeding practices affect the sustainability of the industry?

There are variations in broiler breeder management across the globe. From this collective experience there is the opportunity to learn what is working and what needs to change. Where should changes be prioritized to elevate the industry? With the escalation of feed costs and demands to minimize the environmental footprint, efficiency of production is increasingly […]

How do we meet the nutritional requirements of broiler breeders today? Why is gut health important during stress periods in the breeders lifecycle?

Bird genetics and metabolism have changed significantly over decades of selection for growth and efficiency. Have the nutritional requirements of the birds changed too? Feed formulation and feed allocation must complement each other to achieve optimum body weight and body composition that supports efficient reproductive performance in breeders.Applied research is needed to understand the nutritional […]